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Bee Inspired Coaching

Safeguarding Policy

Bee inspired are committed to protecting the welfare of its associates and clients. The welfare of Bee Inspired associates and clients is at the heart of all that we do, these policies are in place to protect all parties.


Safer Recruitment

Safer recruitment is a set of practices that ensures all associate coaches and counsellors are suitable to support Bee Inspired clients. All associates must:


  • Complete an application form

  • Provide two suitable references

  • Provide evidence of relevant qualifications, skills or experience

  • Maintain an up to date DBS check and provide evidence of this

  • Provide evidence of continuously up to date and appropriate insurance cover 



  • All Bee Inspired associate coaches and counsellors are required to complete and provide evidence of mandatory online safeguarding training before commencing work on behalf of Bee Inspired. 

  • All Bee Inspired associate coaches and counsellors are required to complete and provide evidence of mandatory online safeguarding training annually. 

  • The designated safeguarding officer will undertake appropriate and up to date training. 

  • All Bee Inspired associate coaches and counsellors have access to monthly team training and confidential client clinic to further develop their skills and experience to maintain the highest standards of support.

Information Sharing with UK Registered Learning Providers

  • For the purpose of UKRLP audit and compliance a google shared folder will be shared with the DSL of each learning provider containing:

  • An up to date audit document of training certificate expiry dates and information relating associate DBS update service information.

  • A file per associate containing proof of safeguarding certificates and signed DBS permission and data sharing agreement.



  • A suitably qualified and experienced individual will be appointed as Head of Coaching to maintain the welfare and performance of all associates and clients. 

  • The Head of Coaching will oversee the welfare and progress of all clients using a up to date record of all current clients and monthly 1:1 meeting with each associate coach or counsellor.

  • Bee Inspired associates will have access to monthly 1:1 supervision meetings with the head of coaching for their own well-being, development and performance.

  • Bee Inspired associate coaches and counsellors may reach out for support with the well-being and progress of their client at any moment and expect to receive a response within 24 hours. 


Appropriate 1:1 Provision

  • All Bee Inspired clients will receive an initial consultation call with a suitably qualified coach to access their individual needs. The coach will work with the client, using their professional judgement and the clients wishes to identify an appropriate support plan inside or outside of the organisation.

  • All Individuals under the age of 18, must obtain a signed parental consent form prior to the start of any support session.

  • Where appropriate support has been identified, the client will be introduced to the relevant pathway and associate coach to begin support services.

  • In instances where a clients needs exceed the capabilities, qualifications or experience of the support team, with permission, Bee Inspired will work alongside the client and learning provider to signpost to more appropriate support. 

  • Throughout the learner journey, associates will asses their ability to support their clients needs in relation to the relevance of their role, qualifications, skills and experience. In instances where a client's needs exceed the capabilities or qualifications of the coach, the client will be referred to a more suitable associate within the team or Bee Inspired will work alongside the client and learning provider to signpost to more appropriate support. 

Expectations/ Communication

  • Bee Inspired clients will receive a welcome pack and coaching agreement outlining information, expectations, complaints process and contact details ahead of commencing support sessions with a Bee Inspired Associate.

  • Bee Inspired clients will maintain contact with Head of Coaching, alongside their associate as an additional tier of support whilst working with Bee Inspired. 


  • Whilst attending a Bee Inspired well-being workshop, individuals may be encouraged to reflect and share personal information. Such workshops can be emotive or prompt a safeguarding disclosure.

  • All associates delivering well-being workshops will follow the usual confidentiality, safeguarding, training and reporting procedures.



  • Bee Inspired will maintain records of all reported incidents and the procedure followed.

  • Bee Inspired associates will follow the reporting process where necessary.

  • All reports of concerns will be raised with the DSO of the organisation the client has originated from.

Best Practice when reporting concerns

1. React calmly.

2. Take what they say seriously.

3. Reassure the individual that they were right to tell, and they are not to blame.

4. Be careful not to put words into the individual's mouth. Instead ask open ended questions.

5. Do not promise confidentiality.

6. Inform the individual what you will do next.

7. Make a full and written record of what has been said as soon as possible and do not delay in passing on the information. Keep to the facts of the conversation, not your opinion. 

8. Follow the reporting procedure below.



Referrals List

Where appropriate Bee Inspired Associates may feel it necessary to recommend a client to more specified and/or out of hours support. Please see referrals list for external organisations clients might find useful. This list is not exhaustive.



Referrals List


Cruise: 08088081677

Lullaby Trust: 0808 802 6868



National debt line: 0808 808 4000


Domestic Violence

NCDV: 0808 2000 247


Drugs and Alcohol

DAN 247: 0808 808 2234


Eating disorders

BEAT: 0808 8010677

NCFED: 0845 838 2040



Gamcare: 0808 8020 133


Mental Health

Client GP

Mind: 0300 123 3393

Samaritans: 116 123

CALM: 0800 58 58 58


Sexual Assault

RAINN: 8006564673


Victim Support

VS: 0808168

Reporting Process

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