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Mental Health and Well-being support,
to help you through your apprenticeship.

  • Free 1:1 coaching and counselling support sessions.

  • Confidentially delivered, online and in the comfort of your home.

  • Privately maintained medical records.

  • 100% recommended by previous apprentices.

Develop the skills to thrive in the face of life's inevitable challenges.


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Coaching has changed the trajectory of my life.  I learnt simple techniques to ‘get out of my own way’ and stop limiting myself.


It took me to the next level, teaching me new thought processed and, in turn, a perspective of the world where anything is possible and I am in control. What seemed like insurmountable challenges before, now seem entirely possible.  I have learned techniques to take the anxiety away. 


I genuinely think I would have used negative self-talk to convince myself I wasn’t capable of my new job had I not had coaching. I would have lived in a comfort zone that was getting smaller and smaller, becoming more and more anxious and miserable.  My coaching sessions changed this and I would recommend them to everyone. 

Quick and easy referral through your learning provider;
  • During your welcome call we will discuss your current challenges, goals and aspirations.
  • After the call you will be matched with the qualified coach or counsellor that's best placed to support your needs.
  • From there, you will receive 1:1 online support, twice a month, until no longer required.
It's not the potential you have, It's the potential you utilise that matters



You'll be forever grateful. It's having the bravery to take the first step.

I would tell people I've never looked back.

  • What’s the difference between coaching and counselling?
    A coach and a counsellor are both trained professionals, however their training and the way in which they work is slightly different. No method is better than the other, however one method may suit you better than another. The ultimate aim of any support session is to ensure you feel and perform at your fullest potential. However the method they use to get there, differs. For example, exercise works to improve your health and fitness, you may chose to run, or you may prefer to swim, however the ultimate goal remains the same. If you’re unsure about which method would be best for you, send us an email ( or book a free discovery call and we can look at your current goals and challenges to point you in the right direction!
  • Do I have the time to fit this in?
    Sometimes we need to slow down in order to speed up. It was the tortoise, not the hare that won the race after all. Taking time out to re-think and plan how you use your time with a qualified professional can actually enable you to organise yourself in a way that feels like you have MORE time, whilst reducing the stress and overwhelm.
  • I’m interested in job roles that will check my medical records, will this impact my future career?
    No, our records are maintained privately and will not feature on your formal medical records.
  • What's it like opening up to someone I don’t know? I'm really nervous about that!
    We get it. The thought of speaking to a stranger about how you're feeling can be a really tough hurdle to overcome. This is the most common feedback we get from current clients on why they almost never signed up. However, they all share afterwards that their only regret is not starting sooner. Most new things can feel scary the first time you try them. Once you push through the initial nerves, sharing with a stranger can become a very liberating and safe experience. Our coaches and counsellors are highly skilled and experienced, they would never push you to share anything you don’t want to. You are in control of the pace of the session’s and can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. All of our team have experienced coaching or counselling themselves, and therefore fully understand how scary that first step can feel.
  • How long is the waitlist?
    Unlike most free support services, there is no waitlist. As soon as your referral is approved, you can access support ASAP.
  • How does the referral process work?
    You either inform us or your tutor that you would like to go ahead. Once approved by the company delivering your apprenticeship, you will be matched with a qualified coach or counsellor to suit your individual needs.
  • Will my tutor or parents know what we’re talking about?
    All of our coaching and counselling sessions are of the strictest confidence. Meaning no information is shared between your parents or your tutors without your consent, except in the circumstance where a safeguarding issue is raised. I.e. your coach or counsellor have reason to be seriously concerned for yours or another persons safety. Your apprentice company will know how many sessions you have had each month. If you are under the age of 18, your parents will be required to sign a consent form for the sessions. Full details can be found in our safeguarding policy, or please reach out if you have any questions, we would be happy to support you.
  • Is this really for me?
    There are many mis-conceptions about what coaching is like and who it is for. Mainly, that it's specifically for people who are feeling really bad or may be struggling with a diagnosable mental health condition. However, Coaching is for everyone and anyone who would like to reach their full potential in any area of their life. Most top athletes, business owners and high performing people talk about the benefit of working with a coach or mentor to achieve their goals. If you think you could feel more calm, confident, happy and in control of your life, or a certain element of it. You could benefit from coaching. If you’re still unsure but have a slight inkling this could benefit you in some way. Send us an email ( or book a free discovery call, and we can talk it through with you!
  • Will this actually help?
    People often ask this question for two reasons. Either they have tried medication or some form of therapy before and not found it helpful to them or this is their first step to considering support. We have worked with many individuals who have felt this way, only to be surprised to experience the incredible benefit’s of our support sessions. Finding the right support, is a bit like finding the right hairdresser. One bad hair cut doesn’t usually stop us from trying a new hairdresser and it’s the same for finding the right well-being support. Sometimes you won't click with a certain person or method, therefore you may need to try a few things before you find what really works for you individually. Alternatively, this may be your first step to gaining external support and you may be thinking this simply won’t work. We understand. It can be hard to believe in yourself and your ability to make changes at times. Especially, if you've been in a pattern of experiencing the same feelings, thoughts and circumstances for some time. Change is really the only constant in life and we have the power to move that change into any direction that we desire it too. If you want things to change, but are feeling unsure on what could help. We encourage you to take some time to have a look over the testimonials on this page that have been collected from individuals we've previously supported. If someone else is capable of making a change, so are you.
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