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Bee Inspired Safeguarding Policy

Bee Inspired are committed to protecting the welfare of its associates and clients. The welfare of Bee Inspired associates and clients is at the heart of all that we do, these policies are in place to protect all parties.

Safer Recruitment

Safer recruitment is a set of practices that ensures all associate coaches and counsellors are suitable to support Bee Inspired clients. All associates must:


  • Complete an application form

  • Provide two suitable references

  • Provide evidence of relevant qualifications, skills or experience

  • Maintain an up to date DBS check and provide evidence of this

  • Provide evidence of continuously up to date and appropriate insurance cover 

Associate Training & Supervision

All Bee Inspired associate coaches and counsellors are required to complete and provide evidence of mandatory online safeguarding training before commencing work on behalf of Bee Inspired. 


All Bee Inspired associate coaches and counsellors are required to complete and provide evidence of mandatory online safeguarding training annually. 


The designated safeguarding officer will undertake appropriate and up to date training. 


All Bee Inspired associate coaches and counsellors have access to team training and confidential client clinic to further develop their skills and experience to maintain the highest standards of support.

A suitably qualified and experienced individual will be appointed as Head of Support to maintain the welfare and performance of all associates and clients. 


The Head of Support will oversee the welfare and progress of all clients using a up to date record of all current clients and monthly 1:1 meeting with each associate coach or counsellor.


Bee Inspired associates will have access to 1:1 supervision meetings for their own well-being, development and performance.


Bee Inspired associate coaches and counsellors may reach out for support with the well-being and progress of their clients at any moment and expect to receive a response within 24 hours. 

Client Support & Documenation

All Bee Inspired clients will receive an initial welcome call with a suitably qualified senior member of the team to assess their individual needs and to connect them to the appropriate associate. 

All clients will receive a welcome pack and support agreement outlining information, expectations, complaints process and contact details ahead of commencing support sessions with a Bee Inspired associate.

All Individuals under the age of 18, must obtain a signed parental consent form prior to the start of any support session

Bee Inspired clients will maintain contact with Head of Support, alongside their associate as an additional tier of support whilst working with Bee Inspired. 

Throughout the learner journey, associates will asses their ability to support their client's needs in relation to the relevance of their role, qualifications, skills and experience. In instances where a client's needs exceed the capabilities or qualifications of the asssociate, the client will be referred to a more suitable associate within the team or Bee Inspired will work alongside the client and learning provider to signpost to more appropriate support. 

Confidentality & Information Sharing


An essential aspect of Bee Inspired support is confidentiality, which ensures our clients have the space to openly discuss whatever is on their minds and any challenging aspects of their lives. This means we will not internally or externally discuss anything shared within private sessions. However, there are specific circumstances where we may need to share information, always aiming to do so with the client's knowledge.


These situations include:

  • There is a potential risk to life.

  • Disclosure is required by court order.

  • A client infers involvement in or knowledge of a criminal act.

Information Sharing with UK Registered Learning Providers

For the purpose of UKRLP audit and compliance, Bee Inspired will share the following information:

  • An up to date audit document of training certificate expiry dates and information relating to associates' DBS update service information.

  • A file per associate containing proof of safeguarding certificates and signed DBS permission and data sharing agreement.

As per the outlined procedure, safeguarding disclosures will be raised with the DSO/DSL of the organisation the client has originated from when deemed appropriate.

Safeguarding Disclosures & Reporting

Whether during a session, at a workshop or through other communication methods, if a client discloses something of concern, or there is a perceived risk to their safety or well-being, then Bee Inspired Associates are trained to respond and report as per the pathways below. 

Bee Inspired will maintain records of all reported incidents and the procedure followed. The form to report concerns can be accessed here:​​

If you wish to explore this policy in greater detail you can do so here:

Bee Inspired Safeguarding Reporting Pathways.jpg
Bee Inspired Safeguarding Reporting Pathways.jpg

Greater detail and action steps can be found at

External Resources & Further Support

To further support our associates and clients, we have compiled a list of support and resources from external organisations that may be helpful. It can be found at

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