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    Educate. Lead. Inspire.

We push boundaries, challenge beliefs and change lives;

one learner,

one provider,

one conversation at a time.

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It is not the potential we have, but the potential we utilise that matters.

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Meet the Team

Micha began her career developing projects and leading a team of 100+ volunteers in the charity sector. In 2017, she followed her passion for mindset and became a qualified coach, working one to one with individuals experiencing mental distress.


Following a love of learning, Micha brings a host of evidence based practice to her 1:1 and group coaching sessions, to guide others towards their potential. She holds qualifications in Personal Training, Nutrition (including relationship to food + body) and is due to finish a Masters in the Psychology of Well-being in 2024.


In her free time, she loves to travel, read and challenge herself physically, including swimming in a channel relay and serving as an army reservist.


Founder + Head of Sales and Marketing

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Sam's has always been behind the scenes helping others. It began supporting entrepreneurs in fast paced, diverse environments, and evolved into teaching business studies. Often nicknamed ‘The oracle’ for her ability to see through and solve many problems, others would gravitate towards her for guidance. Therefore it’s no surprise that Sam naturally transitioned to finding her calling as a Life Coach.


Sam has an incredible gift for seeing things clearly and getting to the root of a problem. She takes large, complex ideas and eloquently translates them to clear, actionable steps forward. If you’re confused about who you are, where you are going and how to get there, Sam is the coach for you. Sam holds qualifications in Life Coaching (L7 Diploma), Meditation, NLP and a degree in International Business.


As an actress in a previous life, Sam loves all things theatre. She also enjoys exploring nature with long walks followed by a pub lunch ideally with wine and her fiancé.

Head of Coaching


Emil has extensive experience in the education and charity sector; training, coaching and mentoring 100’s of individuals to develop both their personal and professional skills. With a genuine passion for helping others, Emil has voluntarily contributed to a number of community-based wellbeing projects in the charity sector. 


Emil has worked within apprentice provision for over a decade, gaining a full understanding of the complexities and challenges that apprentices can face. Following personal experiences and a passion for others, he completed his level 2 and 3 counselling skills, alongside personal training qualifications. Known for his warm and empathetic nature, Emil creates a safe and non-judgmental space where individuals can freely explore their desires, fears, aspirations and way’s forward.


In his free time, Emil likes to travel and explore outdoors with friends and family. He’s a huge boxing and football fan, slightly addicted to coffee, and has a tendency to buy trainers! Remarkably he finds relaxation through Calisthenics workouts, and zoning out to his favourite tunes.

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Well-being Coach


Sarah has both breadth and depth of experience having dedicated over 15 years of her career, to working with children, young people and their families, in both the public and voluntary sectors across educational, social and health care settings.


Throughout her career Sarah has honed her leadership and project management and transformation skills through the roles of Operational and Service manager within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Sexual Health Services. 


Sarah worked as a coach within the NHS, supporting individuals from all aspects of health care to achieve their goals. She has a passion for helping her clients to improve their lives, by empowering them to take control and find the right balance for them.


Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge, holding qualifications in Social Care (BSC), Social work (DIPSW), Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Developmentin Evidence Based Psychological Treatments  and Coaching and Mentoring (ILM level 5).


Sarah is a full time mother. In her free time enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the great outdoors, cooking and attending music festivals.

Life Coach

Life Coach

Life Coach

Personal Trainer + Health Coach

Donna started her career in the corporate world, often gravitating towards wellbeing in the workplace. Her  interest in health and wellbeing, combined with wanting to help others feel great in their bodies took her into coaching.


Donna helps chronic dieters heal their relationship with food, exercise and their bodies to lead their healthiest, happiest lives. In particular she specialises in changing emotional eating habits and helping individuals see themselves in a much more positive light. The focus is always on long term, sustainable success rather than quick fixes. With her compassionate, open approach Donna immediately puts people at ease in opening up and delving into what causes certain behaviours. Donna is a qualified personal trainer and certified Nutrition Coach with EIQ Nutrition.


Donna is a keen traveller with a particular love for Asia and New Zealand, where she lived for 6 years in Wellington ‘the coolest little capital in the world’. Now based in Devon she loves hiking, sea dips and relaxing with a good book

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Sarah started her career in sales and management across a variety of business sectors and companies. In 2014, she followed her passion for helping others and re trained as a counsellor. Studying for 3 years, alongside providing counselling support to 11-16 year olds on a voluntary basis. She also has experience in the education sector, supporting children and families, emotionally and practically.


Sarah brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to her counselling sessions, holding qualifications in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Bsc) , Counselling (FdSc) ,CBT and Theraplay. She puts the individual at the centre of her work, working creatively together to suit their needs.


In her free time, Sarah has taken on the wonderful task of homeschooling her children, which keeps her fairly busy. She also loves reading, being outdoors and baking.


Ruth started her career in retail, sales, management, and HR across a range of sectors. Ruth has always had a passion for helping others discover and reach their potential. Her experience working with many different teams has helped her in understanding human dynamics and fostering meaningful connections.


Driven by a desire to make a tangible difference in people's lives, Ruth retrained as a counsellor and now specialises in counselling those who have experienced domestic abuse and grief. Her empathetic nature, combined with a deep understanding of interpersonal relationships, allows her to provide clients with the support and guidance they need to navigate through challenging times. Ruth specifically focuses on encouraging clients to reconnect with themselves, find healing through inner-child work, and instil healthy boundaries so that they can enjoy great relationships both personally and professionally.


In her spare time Ruth loves playing saxophone, along with walks in nature, travelling and reading a good book.

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Our Values


We believe that individuals thrive better together. We are driven to build mutually supportive communities in everything we do, inspiring a ripple of positive change.

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