Master your mindset

An online 12-week evidence based programme to overcome self-doubt, and confidently unlock your potential both inside and outside the workplace.

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Programme Reviews


I thought that living with depression and anxiety was normal.
I've changed my life and I recommend anyone to do it, to feel more positive and happy.


You'll be forever grateful, I've never looked back.


Before this course, I didn't think I would be able to carry on working. I couldn't cope with life.

This course is for you if

You don't feel particularly bad but you know that with some additional tools you could unlock your potential and enjoy life more.

Your inner critic runs the show, comparing you to others, creating feelings of doubt and inadequacy that keep you playing small

 You find it hard to speak up and share your views confidently

You feel overwhelmed and identify yourself as struggling with stress and/or imposter syndrome

You struggle to get a good nights sleep

Despite your very best efforts to ‘think more positively’, you can’t seem to shake these unwanted feelings

You've tried other methods of mental health support and they haven't been effective for you

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Programme Reviews

This course has changed the trajectory of my life. Such simple techniques to ‘get out of your own way’ and stop limiting yourself based on ingrained beliefs.


The course just takes you to the next level, teaching you a new thought process and, in turn, a new perspective on the world where anything is possible and you are in control.


Insurmountable challenges before now seem entirely possible and I have learned techniques to take the anxiety away. 


I genuinely think I would have used negative self-talk to convince myself I wasn’t capable of my new job and would have lived in a comfort zone that was getting smaller and smaller, as I compared myself to the outside world, becoming more and more anxious and miserable.  My coaching sessions changed this and I would recommend it to everyone. 

When I started my coaching sessions, I wasn’t in a good place.  Bereavement, relationship break-up, constant self-doubt and insecurities filled my thoughts. I have tried counselling before, which didn’t really help, so I thought this would be a similar experience.  How wrong I was!


Within the first 30 minutes, my coach understood me and explained how the pattern of negative thinking was impacting on my life. She taught me how to think differently, looking at the facts, rather than my perception of an experience or situation.  Simple, but effective techniques, allowed me to realise I was lovable, I was good enough and above all, I deserved happiness.


My coach was so easy to talk to and I felt like I had known her for years.  I have already recommended her to friends, who are going through tough times.  Thank you, you have given me the confidence I wish I had found years ago!